Sunday, March 25, 2012

Breaking in the Mech City

Sorry guys, I had a choice between posting new buildings today, or gaming with my hooligan friends.  It was no choice at all!  We decided to break in the new Mech Warrior buildings and test out the basic street sizes and stuff while gaming.  For now we just laid straight street sections down loose, and spaced the buildings without worrying about the mat showing through.  Also, this was the first time some of the guys had played Mech Warrior even though they had played Battletech long ago.  All in all it was quite fun and I think everyone is happy with the game.  We will eventually add our own scenario and victory conditions generator along with fog of war to finish the game off.  Here's some pics with some notes.
Herrodadog was in charge of setting up the table as usual.  He always comes up with something pretty cool.

My small Lance cruising up along the outskirts of town.  In the distance you can see some of the Kampfgruppe 144 hangars I built for Wings of War.

Herrodadog was my partner and his Lance advanced through town.  Here you can see some of the skinny road sections I downloaded originally from the web.  They are very narrow and do not leave much room for the minis or for reaching in.

Herrodadogs Mech opens fire on leading elements of George's Lance.  These are my wider roads along the KG144 hangars.

It is shots like these that make me love this game!  George's Mech peeking over the hangar is just too cool.  Somewhat sinister as well.

Herrodadogs Mech and Tank Banzai into an ambush while my slow moving Lance struggles to keep up.  My Son Nick's infantry is engaging the tank, he was George's ally.

My lumbering slo-mos trying to catch up.

I'm pretty happy with these 3" wide roads vs the Mech Warrior bases.  They help a lot for keeping the spaces open.
Meanwhile, Nick's large infantry force is reacting to Herrodadogs attack on George.  These old Battletech guys are about to find out that Mechs are not necessarily kings in Mech Warrior!

Herodadogs infantry (close) and Nicks (far) get ready for some street fighting in the confines of the city.

It didn't take long for Nick's infantry to assault and destroy Herrodadogs tank.

And then the cheeky little bastards decide to have a go at my Mech!
Even giving it a little space, the old raods are just too narrow.

Between Nick's infantry, and George's tank and Mech smacking the hell out of my mech, I get bogged down and in trouble real fast.

We finally manage to kill off some of that infantry but now we got my Mech as a burning wreck.  Herros Mech is pinned down and hiding behind the hangar!
Herrodadog and I are in deep doo doo.

Nick still has plenty of infantry left.  Now that I've seen the two road styles on the table, I think I will go ahead and mount some of the 3: double roads and set up a close fit couple of city blocks and play another.  Then we'll know for sure about reaching in.   Even with the 3: roads I think it is a close fit, but I am afraid to go much wider because it may look wierd.  We'll see!

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