Saturday, March 3, 2012

Little Bitty Buildings

A couple of posts back I mentioned that I was starting to create some of my own card stock building designs for 6 to 10mm scale.  I have several things in the works including some parking lots and streets, which there is a serious demand for.  I've yet to find anything comprehensive in that department so I am working more on that than actual buildings to start with. 

That being said, I am still mucking about with the street layouts and scale so they are not ready yet, but I did work on some buildings just to get my feet wet and try to learn what the heck I'm doing.  Gee wiz, I'm not making much sense here am I?  Anyway, here is my very first building that I scaled and printed and built last week.  It is not perfect, but it is a one piece just under 6" tall and assembles quite well.  It is very easy to build as well and is good for beginners.

While we are at it, can any of you guys give me some leads where I can post files for free?  (I'm hopelessly primitive in this area)  I could then start to upload the city pieces in .pdf format as I finish them for any of you who would like to build them. In the meantime you can email me at if you want files.
It is sort of a marble red apartment type building suitable for just about any modern or sci-fi table.

I've pretty much settled for a 2" square footprint for my buildings.  It is important to get this down and match to the streets early on so the city layouts will jive well.  I will probably make a foundation set with sidewalks/easements in the near future as an option for mounting these buildings,

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