Sunday, March 11, 2012

More PDF Buldings 6 to 10mm

I managed to get a little more work done on the small buildings.  I'm concentrating on roads but that portion has turned out to be the trickiest part by far.  I'm trying to plan it out where the downtown districts will work out with a nice modular layout.  I've uploaded a couple of straight road prototypes that are double lane each direction.  I have found that the wide roads will be the best for leaving enough room to reach into the crowded city districts.  Otherwise it will be very hard to reach in between skyscrapers.  I left some stripe graphics overhanging the ends of the streets because of some strange problem with my editor.  Just cut at the end of the road.  The actual dimensions will be 3" wide by 9" long when printed.  These long straight sections can be cut to whatever length is required.
I also uploaded a second version of the apartment building, this one in gray color.  I also rescaled the doorway.  I think this is a better fit.  I'm working on intersections and corners now and after the roads are set I can finish up a bunch of buildings I have in process.  You can get the downloads here:

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